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Ans :
I want to obtain a license for a cyber cafe. What are the requirements?
You need premises license, ticket selling license & performance license
Ans :
What are the requirements for obtaining NOC for the above proposals?
Make an application affixing a court fee stamp of Rs. 5 on it and submit it along with the following documents.
1. Copy of IOD (Intimation Of Disapproval) issued by Concerned corporation
2. Copy of plan/map approved by the Concerned corporation.
3. Copy of the property card, documents of ownership of plot, copy of agreement deed, power of attorney.
4. Full name, age, residential address of the owner, co-owners, proprietors, partners, directors of the firms of the project. Address of the project/ premises.
5. Plot number, survey number
6. Copy of NOC issued earlier by this office (in case of additions and alteration)
7. NOC from Dist. Health Department.
8. Fire Brigade NOC from concerned Corporation.
9. Certificate from Electrical Inspector
10. Number of computers installed.
11. Agreement / Certificate from concerned Internet Service Provider.
Ans :
I have submitted all the documents; what do I do now?
A) On the receipt of the application along with above documents, enquiries will be made through the local Police station from the law and order point of view. Also a report from the Traffic department from the traffic point of view will be obtained.
B) After receipt of the above reports, the proposal will be decided and you will be informed accordingly
Ans :
What is the validity period of the NOC?
The NOC will be valid for two years from the date of issue
Ans :
What is the required fee for an NOC?
Rs. 400 for Premises, Rs. 100 for Ticket selling, Rs. 100 for performance licence per machine.
Ans :
How much time it will take ?
It will take minimum three months.

* The above terms and conditions are subject to change as per State Government rules and amendments made by the Licencing Authority from time to time. The Licencing Authority may ask for any other necessary documents if required other than mentioned above.